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This page will cover the usage of ArrowVortex, a free program used to make simfiles.

The first thing to do after opening the program is choosing a music file. Go to File→Open… and choose the song you want to work with. The most recommended format is .ogg but .mp3 will also work. It is of utmost importance to use high quality audio files, of course.

The first thing to do after choosing the music is finding the offset and bpm. They can be found in Tempo→Adjust Sync… After clicking “Find BPM” some probable bpm values will be shown. Choosing the one represented by an integer is usually the safest option. Click “Apply BPM” to confirm. While this method usually works for modern electronic music, it probably won't for old rock or classical music. The only way to sync in such cases is by manually adjusting the bpm of the song when needed (sometimes after every single note), to make sure arrows go exactly to the music. It will be described later on this page.

To be continued…

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