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Welcome to the Etterna wiki. This wiki is where you can find in-depth information about the game.

What is Etterna?

StepMania is software that was originally created in 2001 to serve as a Dance Dance Revolution simulator, during its many years of development the software grew to support even more game modes such as Pump It Up and Beatmania. The single most common game type is the original DDR style. This game mode can be played on a Dance Pad or keyboard (or anything you can map 4 keys to, such as a Guitar Hero controller or a Gamepad). Over the years, the keyboard community for the game has grown extensively and broken barriers in relation to what Charts are possible to clear; Etterna is a community developed version of StepMania 5 specifically made with keyboard players in mind.


  • StepMania is open source, its code can be viewed here.
  • Most features that can be done in StepMania 5 can also be achieved in Etterna. This wiki will focus exclusively on Etterna.
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